Contactless Attendance System | A step ahead in Attendance Capturing

Contactless Attendance System | A step ahead in Attendance Capturing

Contactless is the selling point in the post-pandemic world. Thus, Contactless Attendance System with an intelligent Time Attendance Machine brings an efficient Attendance Control System in offices, manufacturing plants, schools, malls completely touchless.

Meet Post-pandemic Compliance

Though mere touchless attendance will not serve the purpose, post-pandemic compliance will require compulsory face mask detection monitored thermal screening. RSHRIS Contactless Attendance System is an intelligent Time Attendance Machine that captures employee attendance through Face Recognition with the additional convenience of Face Mask Detection and Body Temperature Screening.


RSHRIS has been providing the best attendance, and HRIS software’s to businesses for 25 years. We are a company that offers world-class HRIS software with the added benefit of in-house customization. Our latest contactless system ensures minimum contact and automatic data capturing. It comes in a sleek design and easy to deploy feature that benefits the already feature-rich attendance software.

Why choose RSHRIS Contactless Attendance Software?

Face Detection with
Body temperature check
Contactless Attendance
Abnormal Temperature
Notification with Alarm alert
Mask Detection, absence of mask
notified with In-build alarm
Can record up
to 30000 faces
Attendance Recording
within 1 second

How does RSHRIS Contactless Attendance System Works?

RSHRIS Contactless Attendance Software works on Face Recognition Technology and is designed to work smoothly and efficiently without pausing any employee/visitor mobility for attendance.

Contactless Attendance System designed to meet the post-COVID guidelines, our Contactless Attendance System is the new age attendance management software. We have been serving this to the country’s biggest manufacturing plants and companies as per their requirement. You can also upgrade your present attendance machine to Contactless Attendance System by filling this form.

Ensure Safety and Attendance of Your Employees