Secure Your Students With Face Mask Detection & Temperature Screening

Schools are eagerly looking forward to reopening and having students attend on-campus classes. For this there concerns are creating a safe and hygienic campus besides adheting to Government norms post unlock. We are sure that the campus will be sanitized before the students enter. But on a daily basis there is a need to prevent the entry of people having Fever or not wearing a Face Mask from entering. Putting up sensitive, high end Body Temperature capturing devices viz. RS5L(TP) at entry gates scans entrants for mask and temperature thus giving confidence to the children and parents as they are encouraged to return to new normal.
In addition to the benefit of detecting Body Temperature and Face Mask, these high speed devices ensure a fast through put, nearly 15 to 20 persons can cross in a minute thereby preventing crowding at the Gates. This is why these devices can be installed at public places like Schools and other such institutions.

Stay Safe with the High Performance & Powerful RS5L(TP) Device

To check if any visitor is a threat to others in the area, the best way is to monitor if a visitor has fever and is wearing a Face Mask. When done manually by a guard at the entrance, it can be time consuming and error prone. No record of the data can be kept either.
We suggest that Artificial Intelligence Technology based RS5L(TP) – The Body Temperature and Face Mask detection– devices, be used to detect and track people with fever and those not wearing a Face Mask. Students and Visitors not conforming to the minimum requirement can be stopped from entering.
The Dual Lens (IR and VL) camera can also record the photo of persons who are not wearing Face Masks or have high body temperature. The Infrared Camera inbuilt in the device, reads the Body Temperature accurately from a distance of about 50 cm and triggers an alarm if any person shows high temperature. Similarly, if absence of Face Mask is detected, an alarm is triggered.

The Computer Vision algorithm used to detect Face Masks has led to a very high accuracy in
detection of Face Masks. The algorithm was tested on over 200000 masked and 1000000 nomask faces leading to a 99.8% accuracy. Secondly, as per the rules laid down by the
Government, all the Schools have to ensure Social Distancing, by restricting the number of
visitors inside at any given time. The RS5L(TP) can help in tracking the number of people
entering and leaving from the different Gates. A Display will exhibit LIVE updates of
occupancy of the School.

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The devices are touch less and do not spread the virus
Mask Detection is within half a second per person. Temperature within 2 seconds

It smartly analyzes facial data and detects Registered people as Computer Vision reduces FAR

Multiple devices at all the Gates are integrated centrally to a Cloud Application
Now Make Your School Ready For The New Normal Without Delay
© All rights reserved 2020 RS BARCODERS PVT. LTD.
Now Make Your School Ready For The New Normal Without Delay
© All rights reserved 2020 RS BARCODERS PVT. LTD.