RS Barcoders Pvt Ltd offers full-service HR solutions or modules designed to handle specific functions such as salary and wage administration, compensation and benefits, employee relations, document management and compliance. Your company you might be looking for a more streamlined solution – one that does not include employees in the process.

If you’re a company, there may be certain functions that take up too much time and are obvious candidates for automation. If so, first identify the most time consuming of these functions and in case of compliance issues, the most complex function to automate. Thereafter, you know where to make your changes.

The benefits of implementing an HRIS system are that it will provide the company with more time for other aspects of their jobs. It is also worth noting that, even when implemented, HR staff have time to spend on other work-related tasks.

To ensure that employees use the online records, systems must be convenient and accessible. In-person training sessions will go a long way toward encouraging people to use this resource rather than visiting the HR office.

Yes and Yes! RSHRIS is the company that provides in-house customization based on your requirement.

Do you or one of your family members have a disability and need assistance and support in living independently and being included in the community?

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