Track your Delivery & Logistics
Business with Ease

Track your Delivery & Logistics
Business with Ease

RS-CATS Field Force Tracking Tool

Challenges of Field Force Management in Delivery based Businesses

Delivery and Logistics Companies are a vast business to manage and have much workforce to cater to the needs of the industry. With the challenges of delivery and logistics, it is essential to have proper planning, job scheduling, and task management system to manage such large numbers. Significant challenges that an eCommerce delivery team faces are:

Staff Visibility
& Job Flexibility
Handling simultaneous delivery &
pick-up activities
Quick and accurate
delivery updates

What is Field Force Management Solution?

RS-Field Force Tracker – is a mobile app-based Field Service Management Application that makes supervising, analysing, and scheduling delivery field staff easy. RS-Field Force Tracker is great for eCommerce managers who want to maintain a smooth tracking and monitoring of their delivery guy. Managers can easily assign online visits for each delivery employee and even track the work live on the application. RS-FFT is a must-have for any business with a large, distributed mobile workforce. With an automated system, you can improve efficiency by providing customer intelligence, route navigation, live alerts, and other collaboration tools.

Features of Field Force Management Solution

RS Field Force tracking software comes with a host of customisable features.
Some of the notable features of RS-FFT are as follows:
Manage your team like
never before

With the mobile app and desktop, your data will always be accurate and up to date. For example, the manager can view the number of deliveries that have been completed, the distance travelled and when they’ve checked in.

Auto-plan your team’s day
with this app

The manager can assign tasks that can be pushed from the office to the rep’s mobile app, automate reminders for field sales to start their day on time, and make sure attendance is marked only when they’re present at the location.

Location, time, and distance tracking

With this app, you can keep track of the total distance covered by your delivery boys and how long they spent at each location.

Real-time field force tracking
and instant alerts

Logistics teams are always on the move, so we need to know what’s going on at all times. With our new system, workers and customers can get real-time updates and job statuses with a button tap.


Connect your field force app with ERP, CRM, order management, ticketing tools, and other enterprise systems. All of these systems work together in perfect harmony.


Geo-fencing will enable you to restrict and map your field agent to the selected area, check for false check-ins, route deviation, and navigation assistance.

Leave management
and attendance

You can monitor your field worker’s check-in, checkout time, visit verification, and attendance from anywhere and at any time with our system.

Advantages of Field Force Tracker

Let us take a closer look at why e-commerce companies need to integrate FFT solutions into their business operations:

Benefits of the RS-Field Force Tracker to Users:

Benefits to the Manager:

  • With our attendance tracking, leave and expense management, and faster lead response and appointment management, you can save time and money.
  • The time-saving Dashboard offers real-time information on staff availability, jobs, and efficiency. This leads to substantial cost savings in staff travel time and utilisation.

Benefits to the Delivery Staff:

  • Update delivery information instantly and from anywhere, even when offline.
  • Customise the fields and input validations to prevent data entry errors.
  • Auto-generate reports without any manual intervention.

RS-Field Force Tracker - Mobile Interface


Field Force management systems are beneficial for the e-commerce industry. RS-Field Force Tracker helps companies create and maintain a feasible work schedule, boost their e-commerce growth, reduce labour costs, avoid non- compliance situations, improve customer satisfaction, boost employee morale, and increase productivity.

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