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Are these questions troubling you

These are persistent questions for any responsible security agency and they can be highly cumbersome to manage the old way. Imagine yourself struggling on phone, meetings n lots of paperwork to manage your team of guards.

And always missing something and lose face in front of your client.

Why not use technology to solve these issues effectively and permanently.

RSHRIS' Field Force Management system uses cutting edge technology to solve all your issues regarding

All these resolutions are available on your smartphone that you can access from anywhere anytime!

What a convenience!!

RS-Field Force Tracker - Mobile Interface


Attendance & Leave
Live Location Tracking
Live Chat with
Your Employees
Job Scheduling
Attendance Verification
with Selfie & Geo Tag
Activity Report

Industries Requiring a Field Force Management Solution

Benefits of the RS-Field Force Tracker to Users:

Benefits to the Security Manager:

  • Maintain Online records of the Employee Attendance, Visits and Leaves and generate LIVE Status Reports.
  • Get auto-updated records of the GEO-LOCATION of punched location along with time and date.
  • Facility to GEO-FENCE specific locations/offices to check deviations.
  • Schedule and assign online the visits for each Field Force Employee.
  • Verify the Employee activities against the Scheduled Plan.
  • Get indicative distances travelled.

Benefits to the Security Guard:

  • Punch attendance directly from their Mobile phones.
  • Efficiently record┬áDaily Activities.
  • Check Scheduled Tasks assigned by the Manager.
  • Get reminders for the Scheduled/Re-scheduled meetings and update status.
  • Apply for Leave and get approvals directly.
  • Sign-in and Sign-off from duty
  • View their own attendance
  • Get indicative distances travelled to collaborate their conveyance bills.

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