An Attendance Software for multi-operating centres!

Running a multi-location company must be like managing multi-tasking with two hands. Topping the list would be to manage the attendance of staff working for you at several locations.

Several hours of telly-work, coordinating with local HR with numerous phone calls, emails to get the right data for employees. And, yet getting error in the final report and payroll. We know the struggle and therefore come up with an Attendance Management Solution especially for companies running at numerous locations.

RS-CATS has been designed specially to manage a large chunk of data coming via multi-locations.

What makes RS-CATS stand out?

RS-CATS takes care of Employee Attendance, Payroll, Leave Management, Important Meetings reminders. All of these features are meticulously scheduled in this software for both Managers and employees working at different locations to access.
The software gives employees accessibility of self-service, amplifying productivity hours for actual work rather than attendance marking. Its GPS enabled tracking monitor helps management to track field staff at live locations. RS-CATS brings real-time productivity details to the table. Once the daily and monthly attendance reports are sorted, the payroll is identical to staff attendance without any manual mistakes.
That’s satisfying for your staff, isn’t it?

How does RS-CATS benefit your Company?

RS-CATS complies with attendance from all locations and can be uploaded to ERPs like SAP, Oracle and CWMS. A complete automated system ensures a smooth attendance functioning in companies inviting high-value Brand Equity.
RS-CATS has been used by some of the biggest manufactures in the country. Our anchor client is a leading automobile manufacturer in the country. This makes us a trusted name in an attendance-based solution.

Interesting facts about Multi-Location Attendance System!

Captures Live Location
and Live Attendance

Data from mobile is received
& processed in real-time

no manual work required

Updates reports online

View online
attendance reports

Keep track
of staff on tour

Tour days can be

Mobile app for
field staff

Benefits of RS-CATS:

Multiple logins possible

Only the manager can see
his staff attendance

Saves 80% of
HR’s time

Revenue Increase

RS-CATS has served some of the biggest names in the country and has been successful in providing them with the right attendance solutions. We look forward to extending our exceptional services to your company’s attendance problems.

Ensure Correct Attendance Of Your Employees In Multiple Offices