Remotely Monitor Multi-City Workforce Attendance

Employees reporting to work on time and as per planned work schedules are critical for all organisations. And a big challenge is to collate the attendance gathered from different locations and generate 100% accurate reports. Even a single error in the attendance sheet can have a cascading effect on Payday calculation, Salary statements, Bank Statements and even the signed Pay Slip. Not to mention the disputes caused due to errors in attendance!

RSBPL provides State-of-the-Art, Centralized Attendance Tracking System (CATS) which is integrated with our OEM based Biometric( Fingerprint, Face Recognition) devices and our Mobile-Phone based Field Staff Tracking System. CATS gives the added benefit of handling Shifts, Holidays, Grades, Leaves, Tours, Contract Employee Management, Salary Generation, Canteen Management, Appraisals, Training, Onboarding, etc.

The complete RS-HRIS software, of which CATS is a sub-set is amongst the best solutions available in the market for Centralised Attendance Tracking of Multi-Company and Multi-Locational Clients.

Centralized Attendance Tracking System (CATS) Captures Live Data

The primary requirement of all attendance systems is to capture the event of marking attendance. For Office Staff, this can be achieved through a machine which works on RFID card, Fingerprint templates or Face Recognition. Mobile App can also be used to capture LIVE Attendance events of the Field Staff.

Next task is to transfer the attendance data from the machine to the PC. This gets further complicated in Multi-Location organisations as data has to come from so many locations and even the Mobiles of the Field Staff. But here the data is auto-downloaded round the clock.

Once the data reaches the PC, it must be processed and reports generated for the useful information to become visible. The Key Benefit in this system is that the Punch data is auto-collected LIVE 24 x 7 and auto-processed, thereby reducing manual work of HR by almost 80%.

Robust customizable solution for all types of businesses

PUSH TECHNOLOGY devices giving LIVE punch data

Quick, online support available to the users

Automated body temperature capture & mask detection

Simultaneous monitoring of all the branches data from HO

Auto-processing punch data giving LIVE Reports

Automated auto-alerts and emails

Employee Self Service

Customizable to align with Company's HR Policies

Remotely manage payroll of all types of Workforce

Assign tasks remotely to departments

Save costs of overtime bills and save time wastage during shift change

Ensure Correct Attendance Of Your Employees In Multiple Offices