About Field Force Management Solution

RS-HRIS is the Market Leader in Human Resource Information Systems in India. After providing exceptional solutions to reputed companies around the country, RS-HRIS presents to you, RS-Field Force Tracker- the Field Service Management Software.
Supervising, Analyzing & Scheduling your Field Force has never been this easy. Be the Smart Manager, run your company operations smoothly with RS-Field Force Tracker- the Field Service Management Software.

Industries Using Field Force Management Solution

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Security Service Companies

Your firm’s security should never be compromised! Get real time updates on client visits, Schedule Patrols & Site tours like never before. Know where your security staff is through geo-tagged attendance. Field Force Management Solution organizes field security tasks for quality security services.


Delivery and Logistics Companies

A huge manpower is required to cater to the needs of the industry. It is a challenging task to have proper planning, job scheduling & task management system to manage large number of manpower. Here the importance of Field Force Management solution is utmost and makes the work easy & efficient.


Field Service Engineers

Our software allows supervisors of your company to turn smart by Assigning & Monitoring Tasks to team members on a real-time basis. They Get detailed reports, staff attendance, overall productivity, all while sitting at one place. This saves a huge amount of time and enhance the firm’s efficiency.

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Marketing and Sales Companies

Sales personnel have to go out in field to execute field functions like Sales and customer servicing. This requires a well designed field force system to execute the task resulting in customer satisfaction. Also to keep record, assign task and get real time location for smooth and easy work flow.


Healthcare Companies

Doctors have always been our life savers. During the pandemic there is a lot of pressure on them to save lives. Give your hospital the ease of accessing staff attendance, instant access to reports, Leaves Scheduling, Automatic Task scheduling through RS-HRIS software.

Benefits to Users
  • Maintaining a record of employees’ work and leaves, facilitating reports which are easy to generate
  • Capture GEO and location tracking for a smooth functioning
  • Assign activity schedule of to each employee
  • Validate the employee activities
  • Access comprehensive information about employee activities
  • Resolve issues related to sales and service faster
  • Punch attendance directly from the field on their mobile
  • Efficiently record  daily activities
  • Get a reminder of the meetings and updates
  • Check important tasks assigned by the manager
  • Create leads with important information
  • Apply for leaves and get approval
  • Sign-in and Sign-off from duty

RS-Field Force Tracker - Mobile Interface

Field Staff Management Software, Field Staff Tracking Software, Field Staff Attendance Management

Define various types of leaves

Field Staff Management Software, Field Staff Tracking Software, Field Staff Attendance Management, Live Attendance

Track live attendance

Field Staff Management Software, Field Staff Tracking Software, Field Staff Attendance Management

Get a huge range of reports


Attendance & Leave Management
Live Location Tracking
Live Chat with Your Employees
Job Scheduling
Attendance Verification
with Selfie & Geo Tag
Activity Report

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