RSHRIS COVID Suraksha Kawach:
Secure School Attendance System with RSHRIS Covid Suraksha Kawach

RSHRIS Online School Attendance Software: COVID Suraksha Kawach school administration can ensure the safety of students, teachers and school staff against COVID. RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach monitors the vaccination status of all people in the school. It also monitors their body temperature and face mask. It allows entry to only those people who do not have a fever and are wearing a face mask 

An Overview Of RSHRIS COVID Suraksha Kawach

Safeguarding the school from COVID becomes convenient with RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach. This Face Recognition Attendance System provides multiple attendance security features to school administration. With the state-of-the-art security system, now it is easy to monitor the movement of students, staff and other support personnel. The RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach can also monitor the in/out movements of students, informing the parents if any student stays back after the school hours. An alarm may be raised if a child is left in the school after its scheduled hours

How does the system works?

RSHRIS: COVID Suraksha Kawach: A Milestone To Make School Community Remain COVID-Free

Vaccinations are the only way to ensure health safety in these times. Hence, with the RSHRIS COVID Suraksha Kawach, adhering to COVID regulations has become convenient. The systems ensures that if a person wishes to enter the school premises, they have to follow all the COVID norms. If the person has fever and/ or without the mask, the person will not be allowed to enter the school premises.

Features Of RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach Machine

  • Enhanced visible light Facial Recognition
  • Multiple verification – Facial/Fingerprint/Palm
  • 5″ touch LCD
  • Dual camera for liveness detection (Anti-spoofing)
  • Recognition distance is 0.3 to 3 metres
  • Temperature detection 50 cms
  • 10000 face template capacity
  • Sturdy stainless steel protective cover -Compact
  • design- with adaptors/LAN connectivity built in
  • Clicks LIVE snapshot & sends photo online to software on Server
  • Built-in Face Mask Detection with alarm. Report visible in software
  • In-built LED light switches on if there is low ambient
  • light condition

Benefits Of RSHRIS COVID Suraksha Kawach

Fast & Accurate

temperature sensor

Automated Face
Mask Detection

Face Capacity

Can be kept safe from
physical damage

Visual photos
are available online.

Useful for keeping
workplace safe from Covid.

Verification continues
even in low light

Why RSHRIS COVID Suraksha Kawach

RSHRIS Covid Suraksha Kawach is the only solution that provides both face mask detection and body temperature detection with their attendance system. Our authorized child-pick up policy ensures that children leave the school campus with only registered parents or guardians. To prevent any human error, RSHRIS Covid Suraksha Kawach Live Bus & School Attendance records all students on the campus with the help of a system.

Additionally, the feature of blacklisting unwanted persons restricts the entry of any undesirable/unwanted person listed in the system automatically at the gate itself. 

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