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Unmanaged evacuation may often cost many lives in the case of natural or man-made disasters. RSHRIS Evacuation management system offers insightful evacuation planning with effective decision-making in the wake of a disaster. The portable digital facial recognition system can be the key to minimizing human lives during a disaster.

The traditional evacuation plan and the flaws it carries


Evacuation is the first step in any disaster management plan. It helps efficiently and safely move people away from the risk-zone area. The process aids in the prevention of human lives in situations where there is an imminent threat, an ongoing disaster, or a risk to life or property.

However, there is a major fault in most evacuation plans. When we gather people around the evacuation point or area, we have no means of assuring that everyone is being gathered at the decided assembly point. For instance, if a company of 100 employees carries an evacuation plan and everyone assembles at the point of collection, no system or solution can ensure that all 100 employees are being evacuated. In fact, no solution can guarantee who is missing or the exact numbers in a short period of time.

To make things worse, everything is done manually. Team leaders and managers are frequently tasked with gathering and numbering their teams. This creates a highly chaotic situation, prone to errors and inaccuracies. The mental state of panic and chaos during a disaster overruns the human subconscious, and there is a loss of lives and property.
But all of this is going to change now.

RSHRIS- evacuation management system


Evacuation management is all about making effective decisions in a short amount of time. The RSHRIS evacuation management system features a portable device that can provide the most updated and comprehensive information in a few minutes. The solution can help recognize the face of every employee on the premises in just 0.5 seconds at the evacuation point. This way, you can get assurance about how many people are missing and how many are being evacuated. The data is stored online and can be retrieved at any point in time during the disaster relief process. The portable face recognization machine will enable a common operational picture across the entire enterprise.

The RSHRIS evacuation management system will facilitate a single point of access for the entire workforce. The solutions will not only provide insights about who is missing and who is found but will also encourage collaborative and effective communication between trapped people and rescue operators.

How does the Portable Attendance Machine work?

The facial recognition machine works by recognizing individuals by their facial features. Since the biometrics data is always stored and easily retrieved, the missing person can be identified and a digital alert or notification can be sent to him. The machine can also enlist which department the missing person belongs to or which manager he has to report to. In the scenario of chaos, this processing is completed within a couple of minutes by the machine. This eventually leads to data insights about the missing person which could not have been gathered manually. This results in the saving of human lives.

If someone goes missing, the machine will send Whatsapp or SMS messages to the person in an instant. Since the machine is portable and comes with a battery, it doesn’t require any power source. At the same time, it can update the data immediately to the cloud using wi-fi.


Simplifying the complex evacuation process

The solution will replace the manual roll calls that occur often during disaster evacuation. Where things took time, being done manually, the attendance will now be done digitally, in minutes, saving precious time.

Everything is online, easily retrievable

The machine and software come with network connectivity, including wi-fi, LAN, and GPRS. The data is uploaded and synchronized online, enabling managers to retrieve the data as per their needs during an evacuation process.

All-inclusive details are stored and offered

The data of every employee is stored and displayed on the device. This includes everything from the name, phone number, photo, and much more. This will help the rescuers to search for the lost victims. Using phone numbers, the trapped people can also be called and better communication can be achieved, increasing the survival rate during the disaster.

Lightning speed accuracy

The machine works using a machine algorithm and hence is lighting fast. The portable machine takes just 0.5 seconds to record the attendance of a single person. This means that attendance and face recognition can be done in a few minutes, instead of hours.

Multi-purpose Solution

The device can be used anywhere, from smaller organizations and companies to larger enterprises and businesses. It can also be used in schools, colleges, institutions, government buildings, private entities, and so on.

Provides a realistic picture of who is inside the building

During the event of a disaster, the portable machine automatically analyzes how many people are not able to come out of the building. This critical data can then be transferred, shared, or retrieved by authorities who are searching for the lost victims of the disaster. With the help of information, more lives can be saved and identities can be matched precisely.

Why we chose facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is a part of the biometric technologies used to identify individuals based on their physical characteristics. Face recognition-based technology has several advantages over other biometric technologies:

  • Facial recognition systems use an individual’s face as the identifying characteristic. In contrast, fingerprint systems use an individual’s fingerprints.
  • The way the technology works: Facial recognition systems use a camera and sophisticated software to analyze an individual’s facial features, such as the shape of their eyes, nose, and mouth, to create a unique facial profile.
  • Facial recognition systems are more user-friendly than fingerprint systems, as they do not require the individual to touch any equipment or sensors. On the other hand, Fingerprint systems need the individual to place their finger on a scanner or other device, which can become quite inconvenient or uncomfortable during disaster situations.
  • Our portable system can recognize a person from a distance of 6 meters and it takes only 0.3 sec to recognize it. This makes the system fast and convenient during such situations.
  • Once the system recognizes who is missing it can send messages to the missing person and ask him to come to the emergency assembly point.

Benefits of evacuation management system attendance software for your organization:

  • Less time spent on analysis
  • Live uploaded data on the server
  • Stress-free process
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe-solution
  • Automated attendance entry
  • Early warning on the missing individual
  • Sturdy device

Why do you need an evacuation management face recognition machine?

 In a natural disaster, we can’t afford delays in time as every second is critical to rescue operations.

The intent behind marking the attendance at the evacuation assembly point is to find out who has or hasn’t reached the point, and who is missing. However, it would be inefficient to leave this counting process to people to count their colleagues while this confusion occurred. It will take a long time to decide who is left behind.>

Do you think your company has a comprehensive evacuation management plan in place? Are you well-prepared for a disaster? Do you think you can save lives during a critical emergency?

Stop doubting and start acting.
Make things more secure and organized with RSHRIS- evacuation management system.


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RSHRIS-Evacuation Management System

Unmanaged evacuation may often cost many lives in the case of natural or man-made disasters. RSHRIS Evacuation management system offers insightful evacuation planning with effective decision-making in the wake of a disaster. The portable digital facial recognition system can be the key to minimizing human lives during a disaster.

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