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Poor Shift Scheduling leads to Increased Operating Cost

Most production houses are labour intensive, making labour costs huge. Also, Production Managers spend hours in scheduling shifts and in trying to optimise the usage of Manpower. Despite this they are still faced with serious issues of un-planned absentiesm among their Workforce. And with such un-planned absentiesm, deputing a substitute of a specific skill-set becomes a challenge. These regular disruptions result in:

Bring a paradigm shift with the RS-HRIS Shift Scheduling Tool

RSHRIS Shift Scheduling Solution automates both Operational Planning and Shift Scheduling issues seamlessly

Multi-skill shift scheduling becomes a breeze by

Improvement in communication by giving viewing facilities to workers either on a display o their Mobile Phone
Quick and efficient shift fill through an appropriate substitute
Assigning breaks and tasks within each shift
Adjusting individual shift assignment start and end time
Track all training, vacation, sick leave, and other off-work requests
Allowing Auto Shift, Flexi Shift Management to ease workload

Smart Contract Worker Management System

Many organisations outsource their tasks to be performed by Contract labour. The process is to hire a Contractor and assign a set of tasks to be done by his team. Alternately, a contractor is required to only supply the manpower of specific skill set. Either way, there is a need to monitor the Contractor manpower on a daily basis for their arrival and departure time. CATS can successfully perform this task.


Large number of organizations subsidize their canteen food for their employees. Normally any employee would take one meal in office. But some employees take more than one meal in office, leading to un-necessary disagreements. So to ensure that all employees get only one meal, the canteen management is integrated with CATS. Only those employees who are present and that too in their own shift get the meal.