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Face Recognition Attendance System:
The Face Shield of Covid-19 Pandemic
and its Aftermath


Face Recognition Attendance System
with Mask Detection
and Temperature Screening

Face Recognition Attendance System

RSHRIS’s Face Recognition Attendance System is a contact less access control system that fulfils the mandate of temperature measurement, face mask detection with an ease. RSHRIS touchless biometrics eliminates manual time-consuming tasks by utilizing face recognition technology to capture attendance. This way, you can work in a clean and tidy environment without risking any manual errors.

Adhering to the Government Regulations in Manufacturing Industries

As people are getting back to work again, it is important to create a safe working environment for them. Government of India has issued some guidelines that require people to wear mask, follow social distancing and record temperature while entering the workplace. But how can a large manufacturing unit follow such protocol with just manual help? RSHRIS’s Face Recognition Attendance System with Temperature and Mask Detection comes to the rescue. This Face Recognition Attendance Machine is the perfect solution for your work place. It not only records attendance, but also provides extra security features, like an alarm that notifies the administration of irregularities in temperature and won’t allow anyone with a raised temperature to enter the workplace.

Facial Recognition of a person Ensures Face Mask Detection for all the employees, Measures Temperature of all the employees entering inside the premises, Captures Attendance for the employees, Automate these Features with RSHRIS’s Face Recognition Attendance System

Using GPS technology, location coordinates and face recognition technology, your employees can immediately report to work using multiple devices.

Our face recognition technology helps you track

  • Entry and exit of individuals
  • Whether they are present or absent during certain      hours or certain days
  • Real-time alignment of shifts
  • Employee shift-matching according to requirement
  • Calculation of hourly wages on basis of facial data      and GPS coordinates
  • Ensure Face Mask Detection & Temperature Screening Inside Manufacturing Industries

    5 best reasons to choose RSHRIS Face Recognition Attendance System:

    With such a surge in demand of Face Recognition Attendance System in the market buyers have aplenty options available so why choose RSHRIS?

    • The ONLY company to provide Face Mask Detection
    • In-House Customization
    • Free Demo
    • Easy Deployment
    • Chosen by leading manufactures like Hero Moto
    You can read more about this technology here:

    Benefits of using Face Mask Detection with Temperature Screening

    Benefits of using Face Mask Detection with Temperature Screening

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