Efficient Field Force Management Solution

Manage your Field Force Operations with RS-Field Force Tracker

The post COVID workplace is full of insights, realized from the challenges that the pandemic threw at us and Organizations that adapt to these learnings will thrive. One such emerging insight is to allow people to work from the field itself, without making it mandatory to report to the Office! Such Organizations will need tools to manage these On-Field Staff!

Comprehensive Solution for the Field Force Attendance with the RS-Field Force Tracker​

The Field Force Attendance Management System is versatile tool that enables Geo-tagged attendance capturing using the RS-Field Force Tracker Access to the location of the Field Staff coupled with the intelligent Task Management empowers the team. With the RS-Field Force Tracker, Field Force can easily mark their attendance, enter the Daily Customer Visit details, view their Leave balances, apply for leave, get approvals, view their own Reports for any period and get a Live Dashboard. To help them plan their day, Schedules can be uploaded. And if required, visits can be rescheduled and auto-intimation sent to their Team Heads. Also, any deviations in locations are high-lighted.

Smart Monitoring of Field Force at Your Finger-tips​

As a Business Owner, one can see a live view of Staff attendance, their daily meetings, and last recorded location which enables a productive control on the business. The Smart Reporting feature enables smooth communication between the Management and the Field Force about daily/monthly activities and monitor Employee Wise performance. RS-Field Force Tracker simplifies a manager’s job, making operations paperless and helping them track their team’s work from their own phone.

Digitize your Field Operations with RS-Field Force Tracker


RS-Field Force Tracker provides live tracking, scheduling and management of Nursing Staff. It also keeps you informed about the punctuality and performance of your healthcare staff at any given time.


RS-Field Force Tracker uses GPS to monitor the location of your Construction Team members. This powerful software handles all factors which have to be minutely checked in handling the days and hours worked of each worker.


RS-Field Force Tracker allows you to monitor guards’ GPS location. Other features such as scheduling patrols, site tour, custom reports help the managers in improving the management efficiency.


RS-Field Force Tracker helps you track the visits being made by your delivery guy. It manages delivery points, completed visits and pending deliveries. Approx. distance  travelled can be generated from the system.

Features of RS-Field Force Tracker


Dynamic setting to match business requirement

Optimize productivity and efficiency of Field Staff

schedule to pre-plan visits

Featuring Messaging and Notifications

Builds relationships and customer loyalty

RS-Field Force Tracker - Mobile Interfaces

Capture Live Attendance and define various type of Leaves

Check Scheduled and Re-scheduled Client Visits

Generate and download a wide array of Reports easily

Benefits- RS-Field Force Tracker

Optimize Business Process

Increase Operational Efficiency

Enhance Customer Experience

Maximize Field Productivity

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