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The RS-Smart Attendance mobile app automates and helps mobilize the daily routine activities of various Field Staff who work remotely or on site. The tool enables Business Organisations to establish a connection with the team, track minute activities and enhance the productivity of their Field Staff.

The RS-HRIS Software where the LIVE data is collected, helps the Supervisors and Team Leads to view the performance, tasks done, regularity, distance travelled and location. Alerts and colourful representation help in analysis and better co-ordination.

Features- RS-Field Force Tracker

Mark Attendance from Anywhere

Auto-capture of attendance with Geo-tagging simplifies the monitoring of – In time, Out time, Hours worked of every Employee. The Team Leader sitting in the Office can manage his team members for:

Monitor Employee From the Office

By using the Location capturing feature of Mobile Phone, you can check the location of the Visits made by the Employees. You can track:

Intelligent Task Management

Sophisticated task management portal to create planners, meeting agendas, schedules and share them with Employees and Managers by:

Leave Management System

The simplified process for leave application, getting approvals or rejections online and quick leave balance up-dation leads to a smooth workflow between Employees and Managers.

Live Feeds for Fast Action

Instant Alerts & Notifications at various levels, of the Off-Site Field Force, keeps the Team Leaders and Management informed. Some Alerts are:

Reports for Decision-making

Auto-processing gives up-dated Reports that will encompass figures like leaves, expenses, expense claims, etc. of Employees to assist in better business decision making.

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