Tough Times need Robust Solutions!

Multi Functional Capability Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Managing in the Times of COVID-19

Scheduling of Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Staff has become a critical factor for timely attention to patients in today’s challenging situation. Hospitals are under pressure to maintain adequate staff, strictly following government norms, like wearing mask and maintaining minimum distance, to provide continuous patient care in emergency situations like the one humanity faces now!

Seamless staffing that keeps staff safe from contagion, makes face recognition attendance system with temperature screening and mask detection more pertinent.

Fast & Multi-functional System: A need of the hour!

Our highly advanced Temperature Screening System works on no-touch technology and manages bulk-data and improves staff security. Facial recognition even with face mask; only allowing those with mask and no-fever, to pass through. This makes the system fast and seamless, improving operational efficiency and staff security leading to patient satisfaction and overall profitability.

The Face Recognition device works on a no-touch technology. It gives LIVE data to RS-HRIS for quick processing and reporting. This instant reporting will help in better planning thus improving operational efficiency. As a Hospital you will be able to increase patient satisfaction and ensure patient care and safety.

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Face Recognition System with Temperature Screening

RSHRIS - Features

  • Maintains mandated staffing levels, replacing no-shows
  • Improves morale and reduces turnover by allowing staff swap shifts
  • Efficiency in creating and managing staff schedule and avoid over time using an excel like web page
  • Generates the staff payroll in the facility
  • Employee Self Service: Check own attendance, leave balances
  • Auto alerts and emails
  • Triggers Auto alerts and emails to the Management for preventing any panic situation
  • Better preparedness and productivity

RSHRIS - Benefits

Keeps track of number of leaves

Manages shift timings

Manages arrival-departure time

Paper-less Functioning

Saves Time and Money

You can run your healthcare staff scheduling from anywhere, on any device including mobile, so your entire operation is accessible 24/7

Top-ranked Hospitals trust us to schedule, coordinate and communicate with staff to max efficiency and safety besides complying with labor laws.

You Focus on impregnable ‘Patient Care’ while RS-HRIS smartly ‘Manages’ your Team

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