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Poor Shift Scheduling leads to Increased Operating Cost

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Factory supervisors and managers are aware that one of the largest cost within production is labour

Factory owners and managers know that one of the highest cost of production is towards labour despite that they give it least attention as it is very cumbersome and sensitive to manage as it involves people and emotions! Are you one such Factory owner/Manager looking for a solution to the above problem!

Production managers spend countless hours scheduling shifts, trying to get it just right but then someone leaves or doesn’t show-up to work and everything falls apart. Absence of a specific skill-set worker on a production line can negatively impact the entire production line. Issues that arise due to this are:

  • Extra Time spent by supervisor replace the absent worker with the one with same skill-set
  • Leading to loss of production time due to slow down or halt of production line
Lack of regular shift patterns, short notice of scheduled work hours, or last-minute shift changes can negatively impact workers by making work-life unpredictable and thus creating stress affecting their performance at work and making them less likely to stay long at their job. Resultant Employee fatigue adversely affect achieving goals of quality, efficiency and productivity.

It’s vital to invest in solutions that address both shift scheduling problems and operational communication

It’s vital to invest in a solution that addresses both operational communication and shift scheduling issues seamlessly. RSHRIS is built to manage the manufacturing plant schedules effectively to reduce unexpected changes and improve operational communication within a plant. RSHRIS Scheduling Software is packed with powerful employee scheduling features. It gives you instant access to critical decision-making criteria including staffing requirements, regular, overtime and on-call hours, labour costs, employee skills and certifications, employee availability and preferences, and more on your palms. By automating the scheduling through RSHRIS, manufacturing organizations are bringing enhanced digital customer experience to their workers. Doing this can help workers feel more connected to the organization. Supervisors and workers effectively manage the production process, enabling schedule predictability ensuring that right person, with right skills will be in the right area at the right time.
Multi-skill shift scheduling becomes a breeze by

Face Recognition, Mask Detection and Temperature Screening Solutions for emerging challenges in manufacturing industry

The COVID outbreak has completely changed the way your manufacturing unit works. Government has mandated certain guidelines for opening up asking you to ensure             

To check temperature of your employees who show up for work
That they are wearing masks
That employees maintain social distancing all the time

RSHRIS helps you automate all of these procedures

  • Facial recognition even with a face mask; only allowing those with mask and no-fever, to pass through. This makes the system fast and seamless, improving operational efficiency and staff security, leading to patient satisfaction and overall profitability
  • Mark employee attendance on the go
  • Accurately track absenteeism
  • Seamlessly import your existing data into our software database
  • From entry to exit, track every activity of your employee automatically
  • Our highly advanced Temperature Screening System works on no-touch technology and manages bulk-data and improves staff security
  • Track the movement of your employees and make sure that they show up on time at their assigned place
  • And all this on your Mobile for better control and monitoring
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