File Management System (RS-FMS)

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What is a File Management System?

A file management system is a software-based platform that enables you to store, arrange &
access files stored on a disk.
RS-FMS delivers connected content and intelligent automation. File Management System
increases the productivity of knowledge workers, ensures a seamless digital experience,
strengthens collaboration, enables business continuity, and reduces business risk.

Problems Faced in Manual Filling

  • Space Consumption
  • Prone to damage and being misplaced
  • Complex process in Document Changes
  • Access time – Time Consuming
  • Lack of security
  • Higher cost
RS -FMS software helps you manage all files in one place & also help in controlling missing
files leading to financial loss. With our file management system, we help you locate even the
misplaced files. Your team gets easy access to the current location of every file, even missing
files been found through FMS.

What are the benefits of using a File management system?

  • Centralization of declassified files at one place
  • Reduce File Rework
  • Nullify project delays
  • Less Email Traffic of File Searches
  • Makes reviewing and approving content easier
  • Supports communication
  • Provide control over information access
  • Help you maintain document versions

How does File Management System Works?

RS-FMS gives you a complete automated file movement software.
Automated File Identification
RS-FMS will generate automatic identification of every file through Barcodes on each file
bringing easy access to the team.
Data Capturing
With the help of File Barcodes, RS-FMS captures data during any file movement data, hence
presenting an accurate destination of the file through accurate data capturing.
Retrieving Missing Files
The introduction of data capturing during file management makes it easy to retrieve missing
files from the system.
Report Generation
RS-FMS gives the added feature of faster and easier report generation such as the current
location of the file, time spend by each department on a file, total time required to clear the
proposal, monitoring overdue files, automatic generation of exception reports

Who needs file management software?

A large part of choosing file management is the function of tools involved and how they
benefit a company. Typically, a business will benefit from file management if they require
advanced organizing, editing and managing of files. Furthermore, the more they need to track
things like workflow, the more important file management becomes.

Things to look for when choosing a file management system?

It is crucial find a system that streamlines communication. Therefore, look for features that
include a company-wide commenting system on different files. You’ll also want an easy-to-
use interface that is accessible through different mobile devices.
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