Library Management System

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Online Library Management System

Closed libraries do not mean you have to stay away from books. Online Public Access Catalogue is a digital database of library books accessed easily through the Library Catalogue. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) in library management system helps users locate books, articles or any other reading resource through easy search access of Tittle, Keyword, Author etc. 

How to use OPAC in Library?

Library Management Systems around the globe are updating library catalogues through OPAC software. OPAC in the library helps patrons give access to library reading sources to its users. 
School libraries can easily take benefit from OPAC. RS-Libman is easy-to-use and gives users access to books, reading materials at the ease of their homes.  Users can search their books of choice through:
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Author
  • Accession Number
  • Publisher
  • Class Number
  • Year of Publication
  • Type of Document
  • Keywords

RS-Libman asks users for credentials to access this digital library catalogue. Users need to provide user credentials on the web to go forward with the search. Once the user has selected the desired book, reading material is sent to the user via courier. 

Similarly, once the reader has finished reading, they can send back the book to the library. 

Features of OPAC in RS-Libman

Libraries are temples for readers. Academicians, scholars cannot proceed with their work until getting access to books. But not all books are to be bought. That is why public libraries, school/university libraries came into existence. 

OPAC brings this access of books electronically to readers. RS-Libman makes OPAC an easy, reliable way of exchange of books with its multiple features:

  • Multiple ways to search books through OPAC: Standard, Advanced, Power, Boolean Search
  • Online Reservation of Books
  • Online Book Requests
  • Online Issue Request
  • Search result through book covers
  • Search Result through Index pages
  • Search Result through Abstract of the book
  • Search Results through E-book upload

Advantage of OPAC in Library Management System

RS-Libman use of OPAC in the Library Management System brings multiple benefits to library patrons and users as under:

  • Interactive Software 
  • Easy, Remote access to library books
  • Safe and Reliable 
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Can be continued even when library is reopens
  • Easy update of Library catalogue 

Give your library access to technology, upgrade it to RS-Libman, a web solution to library management with easy access. 

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