Student Attendance Management Software

A proactive, mobile-centric approach to student attendance monitoring declassifying the loopholes of school & college attendance for maximum student output.

RS-HRIS: Student Attendance Management Software (RS-SAMS)

Most Schools and Colleges in India have a compulsory Attendance policy. This is linked to the eligibility to appear in exams. Besides, Institutes would like Students to attend classes and benefit from the classes. Teachers and Lecturers are given the un-enviable task of marking Student Attendance in each period daily- which can be time-consuming as well as tiresome and not very productive at all!

Now you can use the Contactless, Face Recognition Device to identify each student attending a class and marking attendance with date and time stamping. This makes the process of Attendance Capturing and Analysis automatic and efficient.

RS-HRIS Student Attendance Management Software (RS-SAMS)

What is the Student Attendance Management Software (RS-SAMS)?

The RS-HRIS Attendance Management Software manages Student, Staff and Out-sourced workers attendance as per the policies of the Educational Institute. For Students the attendance is captured subject-wise & Faculty-wise. The system is designed to send auto-notification and Low-Attendance alerts to Students and Parents, so that informed decisions about their attendance performance can be taken. Administrators can track absences, tardiness, etc., providing real-time feedback on their performance and communicating with parents. It can make the Educational Institute make sure students stay focused and keep up good grades without any hurdles.

Smart Attendance for Smart Generation

With the coming of the RS-SAMS System, the Administration can monitor the Student performance Online and also integrate with any existing ERP. College and School Administration now monitors a smart generation. So the solution also has to be a smart one! So the Solution is designed for the current Covid Pandemic and gives LIVE up-dates!

Smart Attendance for Smart Generation

Machine Features


Proxy Attendance

Proxy attendance is a significant problem for college administrators. Unfortunately, they fail to track this proxy attendance through manual systems, but RS-HRIS Student Attendance Machine offers an innovative solution. The machine identifies faces- even when the mask is on- and thus removes possibility of proxy punching in Educational Institution.

Missing Semester Attendance Protocol

Attending classes is mandatory for students, and missing college means they cannot sit for exams. Our automated system ensures that each student fulfills the required attendance protocol by being alerted in case there are shortfalls in attendance of any subject.


Tracking Student Attendance manually with Registers is time-consuming and causes a lot of errors. Up-dating the daily, period –wise attendance from these Registers is difficult. So there needs to be more efficient way for capturing, processing and generating Reports Student Wise. Also, there has to be an easy way of disseminating the Attendance and details on shortfall to Students which could help Students take corrective action in terms of their own Attendance.

Key Features

The device we offer provides contact-less attendance, which is accurate and reliable. The Students are registered on the devices and the algorithm vectorizes each face into 128 points for comparison. The student can mark attendance from a distance of about 2 mtrs and verification is in < 0.5 sec! And the punches are pushed to the Server LIVE over Wifi.

Complete Automation

Automated Portable Attendance Machine: Our easy-to-use attendance management system eliminates the need for musters and files to automate time and attendance- in real-time! Instead, students and lecturers can manage your classes’ hours subject-wise and lecturer-wise, which will show up on student report cards. In addition, the Attendance Report is accessible by teachers, parents, and students, ensuring 100% transparency through our portable attendance machine.

Face Recognition Attendance

Face Recognition, Contact-less, Portable Attendance Device: Due to the Covid Pandemic, Educational Institutes have kept their campuses closed and classes were going on Online. Now that slowly the Schools and Colleges are opening and students are attending Offline Classes, the need to create a safe way to manage Daily, Period Wise Attendance has become a priority.

So the Face Recognition based Portable device is the answer!

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics: The Smart Analytics manages the Course, Session, Semester, Classes, Sections, Faculty and Students, thereby calculating the percentage of Attendance of each Student in each Subject. As the attendance capturing is accurate and no proxy is possible, the Live up-dates are available at all times. Student Reports are automatically generated Course wise and are binding!

Student Reports

Student Reports: With dashboards, you can get specific insights from data aggregating campus-wide information into one view. These reports generate details to meet your needs and send relevant information to administration for further processing and more! These include daily, weekly and monthly reports for individual courses or programs.


In-House Customization

All Software are designed and developed by our in-house team taking into consideration the requirement of the Industry in question. As there never is ‘One –size- fits- all – Solution’  we have designed the solutions with dynamic settings making it easy for Organizations to configure the solution as per their policies. Software are user-friendly and we also customize the solution to give a correct fit!    

Highly Optimized Solution

RS-HRIS is in use in large and small Organizations over various Verticals. We have provided innovative, automated solutions for more than 1000 Clients across India. Not only does RS-HRIS offer this; but they also propose a clear roadmap that scales up easily and handles larger volumes of data without any impact on performance.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Other Solutions we offer include Student Attendance in Hostels, Student Attendance in School Buses, Visitor Management Software, Library Management Software, Automated Gate Entry System, Fixed Asset Management, etc. Some of the cutting edge technologies we use in our solutions include – Barcode, RFID, Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Mobile GPS, etc.

In addition the Client satisfaction and comfort comes from the fact that we provide a “Single Window Solution” – covering Software, Hardware, Installation, Training of the Integrated Solution, Service and Support and Annual Maintenance.

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