Give your employees Suraksha Kawach from Pandemic!

RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach: Employee Safety starts with Contactless Attendance System!

Ensure the safety of your employees with RHSHRIS Suraksha Kawach. Wave after wave is frightening our day-to-day lifestyle. As an employer, employee safety at workplace is of a big concern. RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach, a contactless biometric attendance system will assure, you provide 100 percent health safety to your employees through its touchless technology!

RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach- Pandemic Safety Kit for Industries and Offices!

As per as reports from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, virus has a longer shelf life on electronic equipment such as elevators, electrical switches, buttons etc. Even frequent sanitization cannot ensure 100% safety from infection spread. And, therefore replacing fingerprint scanners to RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach is a good idea. This allows contactless attendance with added benefits like face mask detection and automated thermal scanning.

Why RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach?

Touchless Attendance

With the touchless technology of RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach system captures attendance through face recognition. This shields them from any viruses that might be spread throughout the office environment.

Face Mask Detection & Body Temperature Screening

RSHRIS is the ONLY solution provider that offers face recognition attendance system along with face mask detection among its peers. Employers can ensure their staff is adhering to covid-appropriate behaviour in a transparent and accurate fashion without any extra manual monitoring.

Vaccination Reminders

Vaccinated staff is the strongest tool to put pandemic fear to rest. RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach helps collect vaccinated data of employees offering a transparent data base of employees vaccinated status. Additionally, the system sends out PUSH notification to partially vaccinated staff reminding them of their upcoming vaccination date.

Real-Time Reports

RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach is Our machine ensures HR managers have access to real-time reports that share complete attendance transparency with all company employees. We also keep Covid appropriate behaviour enforced, ensuring the integrity of our system so none of your data is compromised or misused in any way.

Comply with Local Regulations

Our software creates a real-time report of all office activities that are tracked by location or employee name for better visibility on potential risks during emergencies such as an outbreak.This ensures offices comply with the protocols in place, making them completely accurate and transparent.

Features of RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach

Highly Accurate

Employees can be protected from the risks of human error with RSHRIS’s Suraksha Kawach.

It captures attendance, face mask detection and body temperature screening with no room for flaws or exceptions. Managers will know that their employees are not only following the protocols but doing so without any loopholes to worry about.    

Exception Handling

RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach provides solutions to help employers manage their workplace safety 

risks effectively with minimal effort. Its real-time data sharing feature keeps HR managers aware of any staff not following the covid protocol in regards to face mask detection and temp. above normal. This makes exception handling hassle-free for administrators.

Automated Time Tracking

This machine calculates exact number of working hours of every resource working for an organization.

This data thus help makes payroll and leave management an error-free task. Also, as a by-product managers get real-time figures of employee productivity.

Minimum Contact

In the era of pandemic when the country is witnessing wave after wave of coronavirus 

avoiding minimum human contact along with vaccinated staff is the only way to ensure healthy employees at workplace. A touchless attendance system like RSHRIS Suraksha Kawach ensures there is no human contact required for daily attendance.


In-House Customization

We pride ourselves on providing in-house customization to our customer’s needs. We know there’s no one size fits all solution, so we take an interest in understanding the necessities of our customers and hosts complete In-House software development capacity to modify/customize the solution to the requirement of our customer.

Highly Optimized Solution

RSHRIS is a company that offers HRIS solutions to various sectors big and small. We have provided innovative, competitive automated identification solutions for more than 1000 clients across India. Not only does RSHRIS offer this; but they also propose clear roadmap which scales up easily and handles larger volumes of data without any impact on performance.

Path Breaking Technologies

RS Barcoders have been in the industry for 25 years, providing cutting edge technology for RFID, Barcodes, Face Recognition and fingerprint. You get complete in-house software development with option for customization, Companies do not have to worry about hardware installation, support, repair that comes with the job for RSHRIS.

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