Facial Recognition Has Arrived & is here to stay!

The pandemic has changed many things, and one of the significant changes has been the way we track attendance. The manual attendance register is an outdated way to record attendance. Even the government in States acknowledge this and have ordered the use of Biometric devices to mark Student Attendance Eg. CM Yogi Adityanath orders WiFi, biometric attendance in all government schools in Uttar Pradesh – Hindustan Times. The latest in Biometric is Face Recognition which is a touch-less way of marking attendance in a faster and safer way.

What is Facial Recognition technology use for?

Since the 1960s, Facial recognition technology has been a niche industry used by intelligence agencies. However, as the technology evolved, it came to unlock phones in security control, and now it is making a fast-paced entry in Organizations, schools and colleges. Facial recognition technology works by combining Computer Vision based facial recognition with Artificial Intelligence. Each time a person stands in front of device, his facial parts are compared with his stored photo taken at the time of registration. Smart Algorithms are created, to replicate the identification process each time without a mistake. Facial recognition technology is effective and reliable.

Step-by-step analysis of how facial recognition technology works?

How is Facial Recognition used in Education?

There are two primary aspects of Attendance which can be handled. Firstly the daily attendance is recorded with an optional SMS to parents. Secondly period wise attendance is captured for tracking each class attended as per Time Table, Using the Face device- both these can be addressed easily. Once attendance has been captured, a variety of relevant reports are generated. Students benefit from these reports as it helps them in planning their class schedules to meet semester attendance compliance as per the UGC norm. In the school, setting attendance with the Face Recognition attendance system brings a much safe and more secure way of attendance, protecting students from infections.

3 best examples of face recognition in educational institutes 

So go for it! With Schools and College closures happening frequently because of COVID, teachers should be able to spend their time in teaching rather than in doing administrative tasks. And what better way than using Face Recognition with Wifi!

Safety in US schools

While Face Recognition is at a very nascent stage in Indian Schools and Colleges, in countries like the US, this technology is being widely used and encouraged to protect the school campus. If connected with Flap Barriers, only authorized people can gain entry into the premises.

Tagging Guardians with smaller Children

The same system can also be used to tag Guardians associated with each child- thereby ensuring that the smaller children are allowed to leave with only authorized guardians. You can read more about such features here (link to rshsris surakhsa kawach LP)

Automated Roll-Call

Manual roll-call in every classroom takes a considerable amount of time. Teachers spend a large amount of time just calling names and ticking them in their register. This is then manually entered into ERP’s. Thus time spent in teaching is reduced. With Wifi based Face Recognition devices, attendance is captured easily and inputted in the ERP automatically.