How can Facial Recognition Attendance System help industries post Covid?

Facial recognition attendance system is a technology that utilizes the human face as a way to identify and authenticate an individual. It is the most trusted biometric attendance system.

The Covid -19 Pandemic has forced people to change the way they did things earlier and reset priorities. These unprecedented times have called for unprecedented actions not just for survival but in the domain of technology too.

With the economy gradually pulling out of the uncertainty of the last one and a half years, industries are now looking for options for getting back to work in a safer work environment.  And in doing this the basic change would start with the way Employees mark attendance at the entrances.

While the pre-Covid period biometric devices are still being used by a few, others are looking for something contactless, yet fool proof! For this, new technology based Contact Less Facial Attendance Devices are available.

What is a Facial Recognition Attendance System?


Contactless Attendance System has been designed to work as a human mind. We remember people by remembering their faces. Similarly, this system analyses the geometry of your face from the image captured by the camera and matches  68 key features to identify the person.

The four-step process of Capturing, extracting, comparing and matching takes place in less than a second to give you the attendance check right at the gate.

Since identifying a face won’t be enough to ensure Covid-safe environment at the workplace. RSBPL has added a mandatory thermal screening along with Face-mask detection in the machine itself. Any person with higher than normal temperature or any person without face-mask the system will raise an alarm. Thus, making sure the workplace is adhering to Covid guidelines.

What are the benefits of the RSBPL Face Recognition Attendance System?

RSBPL Face Recognition Attendance System checks for temperature and presence of face mask and is the future of attendance marking in corporate world.  Even academic institutions and public facilities will have to adhere to these norms.

Having an automated machine to register clock-in and clock-out timings of employees’, cuts out the manual work for the HR and the time office. Further RS-HRIS can be easily linked to the payroll software for timely and accurate salary roll-out every month.  

This system works 24×7 and gives LIVE data to the Central Server or on Cloud. The recorded punch data is error free and becomes the basis to ascertain the time bound productivity of all Employees.

Added benefits of this system are that it curtails late coming, buddy punching, ghost employees, false overtime, etc. along with  Covid-19 checks – all compactly packed in a sturdy stainless steel covering.

Industries can easily deploy this machine at the entrance, lobbies, production areas or any other place of their choice suiting their requirement. After proper registration without face mask and adequate light on the face, the machine can recognise a face in a large variation of available light- even with the Face Mask on.

For re-opening of the offices and factories in the post COVID-19 it is prudent that such contact-less attendance cum Body temperature machine verifications be deployed.

What industries can use Face Recognition Attendance System?

Face recognition attendance system is the future of corporate world. Not only under the Covid-19 lens but also to fulfil the swelling demand of corporates on increasing productivity. The flexibility with which this system can be deployed at workplace makes it a perfect for productivity monitoring requirements. 

Educational institutions need to spend a large chunk of their academic hours in attendance recording. Installing facial based attendance system at academic institution can help teachers and professors to spend their time on lectures rather than student attendance record collection.

Even Residential Societies are attracted to the idea of installing a face recognition system assuring safety in gated communities. Public administrative departments are also toying with the idea of deploying such machines at public places to ensure safety, easy patrolling and efficiency.  

It is easy to conclude that High Speed, Face Recognition Attendance System is the future of attendance marking. Timely investment in this system would bode well for the Industry.  

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.