What is Visitor Management System?


Visitor Management System| The purpose of this new age software is to attain safety and security to its full potential

Automated technology is captivating the market. It is being widely adopted in various sectors of public life; visitor management is one such area where the use of automated technology is showing remarkable results.  Both gated communities and offices are utilizing visitor management systems to enhance their visitor experience all while assuring upgraded security surveillance with reduced manpower.

What is Visitor Management System?

Visitor Management System is an automated surveillance system that monitors visitors’ IN and OUT movements. VMS can give administrators an accurate count of who’s in the building at any given time along with detailed reports of visitors’ data in real-time. Thus, bringing a more structured approach to the entire visitor management system at any given workplace or any other public entertainment space like theatres, amusement parks, hotels, and many others.

Visitor Management System plays an important role in organizations developing a systematic approach for keeping a record of visitors, their purpose of visit, and what they had to offer to the Organization. However, just keeping the record of visitors may not be enough, unless such data can be analysed for providing insight into the results or outcomes of such visits made to your Organization by the Public or Stakeholders.

What is the purpose of the VMS?

The purpose of the Visitor Management Software is listed below:

Firm Compliance

The visitor management software will track people’s movement, giving reports on their location to ensure guests comply by staying within acceptable areas, and employee compliance with attendance requirements.

Unlike a human receptionist, the visitor must meet all requirements and submit all the required documents for successful registration and entry to the premises.

24*7 Surveillance

The drawback of manual visitor management is that it had loopholes of 24/7 surveillance. Not with the web-based visitor management system, this software will operate 24/7 and track visitors' movements even when you’re out of the premises. It means you can keep visitors off from areas they have no access to, and you can even track any possible criminal or espionage activities.

Free-up Manual Resource

Using a self-help sign-in system in form of visitor management software removes the need for a receptionist or a guard, cutting down on costs. Installing the signing-in system is cheaper and more efficient because staff can concentrate on more complex issues rather than receiving guests. Have your people focused on growing your business, not monitoring your lobby area.

Pre-Approved Visitor Passes

Any running business will involve frequent visitors having pre-approved visitor passes like Vendors and Suppliers saves time for the Security Staff and the Visitor both. They can be issued for multiple days at a stretch.

Customizable Visitor Details Form

Filling out visitor forms at every entry and exit is a tedious process but provides insightful data on visitors. These forms, on analysis, provide deep data to the administrators. Having a visitor management system can provide multiple options to these forms such as customizable visitor detail forms making it as per the like of the administrator. These can be altered at any given time filling the requirement.

Integrated Access Control System

Visitor Management System in India comes with Integrate Access Control Systems that are based on flap barriers, doors, or turnstiles to provide restricted access to your premise based on pre-defined access route plans and patterns for visitors. Hence, bringing a guarded system that brings error-free vigilance to your doorstep.

Insightful Report and Analysis

VMS delivers insightful reports using predefined formats or generates your own query-based MIS report structure providing details on the number of visitors, purpose, and other details. Set automatic alerts and frequency as per your requirement. These reports thus help bring insightful information on the visitor’s data providing a much more structured approach to handling visitors.

How does Visitor Management Software work?

Visitor Management Software works this way; when the visitor arrives, he gives his details and the person he wants to meet to the security guard. Then, he enters the pieces into the software. After that, the software will send a message to the concerned person and send an OTP to the visitor’s mobile for authentication. Then, if the person to be met permits, a photographic visitor pass with a barcode is given to the visitor. After the meeting, when the visitor is leaving, the barcode on the visitor’s access is scanned to check out the visitor.


  1. VMS tracks the exact time a visitor spends inside the premises.
  2. Only the people who are authorized are allowed to enter.
  3. If a visitor spends inordinately extended time inside the premises, auto alerts are triggered.
  4. Keeps track of visitors coming multiple times to the premises.
  5. Keep a track of persons receiving multiple visitors.
  6. In case of any disaster, the number of visitors inside the building can easily be known.
  7. No permission will be given to a visitor if the person whom he has come to meet is absent.
RSHRIS is one such solution provider that provides detailed Visitor Management flow ensuring there are no loopholes in securing and the process of VMS is followed smoothly.  Visitor Management System | Security Management System (rshris.com)

Why is VMS important for Hybrid Workplace?

In the wake of the pandemic hybrid work module, the access to work remotely in different time zones to give equal results has become a successful model. So, why does the visitor management system become important for a hybrid workplace? With employees being spread out across different time zones and locations, businesses with a hybrid working system need more transparency than ever before. Following are the benefits of a Visitor Management System in a Hybrid workplace.
  1. Improves Communication: Digital database of visitors makes sure the data is accurately recorded and shared bringing a smooth communication process to the front desk.


  1. Creating Consistency across all branches: Visitor Management System brings a unified sign-in system across all branches that bring consistency within all branches and achieves smoother workflow in all areas of workflows.

Visitor Management System can manage guard scheduling along with its many other features making it a go-to choice for offices, gated communities, and other public places. The Visitor Management System is the perfect solution for your security needs when you need to keep an eye on who’s coming in and out of your property 24/7. With this system, you’ll always know exactly where everyone is at all times while also knowing what they’re doing so that there are no surprises or any unwanted visitors slipping through the cracks!

Author Profile:

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.

Why choose HRIS Software’s for your business?

HRIS software can help you save time and money by doing an excellent job at the tasks that are often tedious and time-consuming for HR professionals. The functions of HR Management Software’s are designed to manage human resource data electronically. HRIS software also takes information from diverse sources into account, which improves its accuracy. 

Artificial Intelligence is already being used to handle HR-related tasks. AI can help you keep track of your employees’ leaves, payroll, and other HR-related tasks. Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, AI can make your employees’ work more manageable and less stressful. 

Functions of HRIS Software that make it a perfect fit your need! 

There are multiple functions of HRIS Software, starting from attendance management to payroll, from data analysis to employee database all of this can be easily managed with various functions of HRIS Software. Here is how: 

Effective Attendance Management: Attendance Compliance plays a crucial role in management of any enterprise and to make sure the process is smooth and error free HRIS Attendance Management Tools can play the part. From fingerprint punches to contactless attendance system there a plenty of attendance management software that are easily available as per your requirement making sure you team is always accounted for.  

Task Scheduling: Utilizing software like task scheduling can help team leaders and managers keep track of their employees and projects. You can assign tasks to the right people and provide them with the right amount of time to complete those tasks. Plus, you can see how far they are in completing those tasks, so you know if they need help or not. 

Leave Management: Leave applications and approvals should always be an accounted and smooth process. HRIS Software for leave management makes sure that this becomes a hands-on process through its all-electronic handling. Both employees and managers are aware of upcoming holidays to make sure the designated work is transferred accordingly. Also, the system holds back-log of leave data to make sure it is relevantly affected in payroll.  

HR Reports: The HR Reports feature of HRIS Software is one of the key features that will motivate your company to invest in it. It provides multiple insights that will help you and your team leaders make informed decisions about employees and teams. These reports are easily accessible on the employee dashboard and can in access via mobile phone as well.  

You can read in detail about the functions of HRIS System in our blog here What is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)? A Full Guide.

Having understood about the multiple functions of Human Resource Management System, it becomes important that you pick a solution that blends in with the demands of your organization. There are companies like RS – Human Resource Information Solution – Time and Attendance that provides in-house customization of HRIS Solutions as per your requirements.

Including HRIS Systems in work is truly a modern-day necessity that has become a game changer in enhancing the productivity bringing a much more streamlined day-to-day operation.

Importance of HRIS System in Remote work! 

HRIS System becomes particularly important in remote work scenarios which in given past 20 months (about 1 and a half years) have shown a remarkable surge.  

Tracking employee activity, task scheduling, monitoring employee performance remotely merging the data with ERP and ORACLE systems makes it a perfect way to manage remote team with maximum efficiency.  

Industry Specific HRIS Solutions! 

The most asset of HRIS systems is that they are designed to meet the requirements of all industries. Be it small/medium or large enterprise HRIS System can be customized as per organization demand. The artificial intelligence of these systems makes them component enough to tackle huge chuck of data with ease. The benefit of HRIS solutions can be that they can be customized specific to each industry like manufacturing, delivery industry. HRIS Software’s can live up to the high volume of data and easily make it accessible on desktop and mobile devices depending on the demand.  

Written by:

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.

5 Benefits of Face Recognition Attendance System that is changing the Biometrics game forever!

Face Recognition Attendance System is the buzzword in the biometrics technology! The recent pandemic shook the world in many ways. Even Biometrics took its own big leap to meet the ongoing demand of contact-free identification.

Face Recognition Attendance Software came to meet the upsurge demand of an attendance biometrics that minimizes contact and integrates additional features like face mask detection, automated thermal screening, in-build alarm to make sure workplaces, schools, malls, and other public places have basic protection against covid.

Multiple Automated Intelligence service provider hopped onto the bandwagon bringing a hands-on attendance software for various industries across the board.

Best Face Recognition Attendance System is one of the key examples how industries are quickly adapting to this new biometric technology.

How does Face Recognition Attendance System work?


Face Recognition Attendance System is a four-step process of Capturing, Extracting, Comparing and Matching makes physical faces to digital identity. This process makes attendance capturing a time saving process.

You can learn more about how the technology in our blog here How can Facial Recognition Attendance System help industries post Covid?

5 Benefits that makes Face Recognition Attendance System a GAMECHANGER!

  1. Automated Time Tracking Software:The face recognition feature brings complete automation to otherwise card punching, fingerprint-based attendance capturing. Facial Recognition Software monitors entry and exit automatically and shares real-time data with the concerned authority. This makes attendance capturing an effortless process.
  2. Error-Free Thermal Screening and Mandatory Face Mask Detection: Face Recognition Attendance Machines are now coming with additional features keeping the post-covid guidelines in check. Manual body temperature check and face mask detection holds a risk of human-error and negligence. However, having a Time and Attendance Machine perform these tasks automatically makes it an error-free procedure.
  3. Easy to Manage:The Artificial Intelligence of Facial Recognition Software makes day-to-day recording and updating of attendance data a hassle-free process. The software features maintaining daily attendance data, preparing timesheets, delivering analytic reports for a small to medium enterprise easily. If required these machines can handles high-volume data with similar ease.
  4. Smart Integration: One of the most important advantages of having a Face Recognition Attendance System is that it can be easily integrated with other HRIS software’s like Payroll Management, GPS enables making sure the attendance data is easily integrated with other relevant HRIS systems making employee productivity a straightforward process.
  5. Mobile accessibility:Face Recognition attendance is an advance process that gives multiple access from desktop to mobile without any extra cost. This making it easier for mangers, administrators to monitor employee data.

In conclusion, Face Recognition Attendance System is inclusive HRIS Solutions that monitors attendance, provides error-free covid protection, increases productivity and is time and cost effective. It is a perfect investment for business preparing to bring employees back to work in full force.  

Written by:

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.