RFID Based Vehicle Entry System for a Residential Society


Managing vehicle movement with security of a large and small residential society is an important task for RWA, Vehicle Tracking of is one of the key responsibilities for security guards of every society. In addition, Vehicle Security itself is a very important issue for every society. With theft of vehicles increasing, it has become an imperative for societies to address this issue. By automating this task by RFID Based Vehicle Entry System the society can save the cost of maintenance.

RSHRIS ‘s RFID based VEHICLE ENTRY SYSTEM automates the tracking of entry and exit of authorized vehicles with date and time. Simultaneously, restricting the entry of unauthorized vehicle at the gate for security of the Residential Society.

How do I get Vehicle Sentry for my society?

To know more about RFID Based Vehicle Entry System and to implement it in your society, kindly submit a sales request on Contact Us page and we will get back to you with the details.

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.