8 Benefits of Powerful Subject Wise Classroom Attendance Software

The success of an educational institute begins with engaging students in the classroom and having regular classroom attendance. A higher classroom attendance results in better marks, retention rates as well a stronger relationship between teachers/ curriculums due to improved communication. When a student is present at class, they are more likely to learn and retain information. Above facts are enough reasons to have an attendance monitoring system for the classroom. 

According to the UGC guidelines for attendance, all students must attend at least 75% of classes in order to be eligible to take examinations. For any class, the task of recording and reporting absentee students falls primarily on teachers. Still, many institutes use traditional handwritten attendance or use some spreadsheet on the computer. The use of manual attendance systems can be both time consuming as well risky due to human error (which inevitably happens). As per the research, teachers invest 2000+ minutes yearly in only marking attendance manually.

There have been many advancements in the field of attendance systems, but traditional handwritten paper or computer spreadsheets still dominate. This means that it is difficult for teachers to track students’ progress and fraudulent behaviour can go unnoticed with these methods- especially if there’s no automatic verification. But with today’s technology-driven world in which we live by its very own rules; this responsibility has become easier than ever before! Automated solutions save you from all these troubles – plus provide more insight into your student’s learning style through analytics reports.

How can SAMS change the monotonous administration in educational institutions?

Many schools and colleges’ administration desires to work on a marshall strategy. But they get buried with school demand, paperwork, parents, and staff demands. The pressure goes the same for the teachers, especially when they need to maintain a register of attendance.hart is also accessible to parents via the cloud.

Some schools and colleges require attendance twice a day. And keeping manual attendance records takes a long time.

Here comes the rescue, Classroom attendance software. The schools and colleges will track attendance through SAMS software. In addition, they can follow the students’ performance in their respective classes by observing the student attendance percentage

The system can track attendance, breaks, working hours, etc. In addition, it is possible to record the performance of faculties and students together.

A classroom attendance systems solves the following issues:

The manual system of tracking attendance in schools and colleges has some things that could be improved.

Unproductive time usage

Medical and Engineering Colleges can be overwhelming with the number of students per classroom, as well as 4-5 lectures conducted daily. It is important that faculty take attendance for every lecture since this takes time which could have been better spent on other things such as labs or projects/papers due next week!

Un-Punctuality of students

According to the UGC guidelines, students must come to class 75% of the time. If they don't, they cannot take the exams. But it is often seen that students skip class a lot.

No alert of attendance

Students, management, and parents are not aware of how often an individual is absent.

Human Error & Repetitive tasks

Manual attendance is a tedious and boring task which can lead to errors being unnoticed, affecting the overall percentage. It's stressful sometimes when you have to do this over again for hours on end!.

RS-SAMS has developed a facial recognition system that can be used by colleges to help with attendance issues. College students often skip lectures, but this system can help track which students are attending and which are not. 

How does classroom attendance system work?


RS-SAMS provides a portable facial recognition wi-fi device with battery backup & full server access. A machine that is handy and can be carried easily by the teacher into the classroom. A teacher can pass this machine student-to-student for the facial recognition based attendance in less than 1 sec, making it a very fast attendance capturing system. Machine captures the attendance of the entire class within minutes along with its professor.

A comprehensive semester & subject-wise report and percentage are auto-generated on a portal on demand. SMS alerts can be automatically sent to students’ parents who are notified about their ward’s absenteeism & attendance as per the pre-alert rules set. This improves transparency between parents and the college.

The software has an in-built capability of category-wise attendance, which enables the school to have specific class/lecture-wise attendance data. Also, it offers department-wise attendance for the faculty who belong to different departments – such as teaching, admin, finance, etc., further ensuring attendance records without errors.

Benefits of an attendance monitoring system for classroom


The software is developed with a high-scalability in-built feature that allows colleges to capture thousands of students’ records. An increasing number of students, especially in medical and engineering colleges, demand a user-friendly AI device to store data in an organised manner.

RSHRIS payroll management system features


RS-SAMS is a device that helps attendance management problems. It also helps and motivates students to attend every lecture conducted in their respective colleges. The device is available at a reasonable price.

Safe-Attendance Solution

Post-pandemic assuring students’ safety and following the hygienic movement, The machine can record data without anyone having to touch it. Lecturers just have to hold the portable device near the students' table, and all the data will be stored in 1 second.

Early Warning

The machine automatically updates the attendance on the portal and calculates attendance for each subject. The SMS is sent to parents that warns of subject-wise attendance shortage. So, students can easily cover up the classes where there is inaccuracy as per UGC guidelines for attendance.


College attendance software has a simple interface with easy-to-use functions and easy data storage. It helps in the quick retrieval of data, and it generates graphical reports within a few clicks.

Time-Saving Process

With an intelligent college attendance system, there is zero chance of proxy attendance. And it saves teachers time, and they can use the additional time for teaching.

Customised Reports

RS-SAMS gives detailed reports that are classified subject-wise and lecturer-wise; it segregates classes held v/s classes missed for each student, which makes it very easy for students to examine their attendance performance and plan out their schedules accordingly.

Sturdy Device

The device has a long battery life of 8 hours. So it can be charged once a day and is good to go! It is in a Stainless Steel cover with rubber padding, making the device more durable.

How Does RS-SAMS provide the right solution?

RS-SAMS enables tracking down attendance effectively and accurately. It is a face-recognition, contact-free device that automatically captures, analyses, and updates records.

COVID-19 left us with nothing but fear, and it hampered education tremendously. Children and parents fear physical contact, and RS-SAMS software avoids physical contact and scans your face to record your attendance.

With a burst of knowledge waiting to be transferred to Students, digitization and automation of administrative tasks is the right way forward. Making attendance as transparent as possible will give teachers, Students, and parents confidence. Our Software Team, led by highly experienced leaders, is open to customization of the Software.

The gadget doesn’t need continuous charging. Only you need to charge it once and all set for the whole day. The device has an 8-hour-long battery life and is easily movable from place to place. That makes it cost-efficient for RS-SAMS.



RS-SAMS Student Attendance Management System transforms the entire attendance mechanism in the classroom. It is time-saving, cost-effective, and offers automated reports that bring transparency to college administration for better decision-making. This blog showcases the problems and solutions in the attendance monitoring system for classrooms. Moreover, it highlighted how it is related to UGC guidelines for attendance.


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RS-SAMS- The Future of Student Attendance Management Software

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One of the normal responsibilities that must be completed at the start of each class is attendance. This activity takes up time besides leading to errors- errors because ticking the right box in the grid of the Register is difficult and at times students do proxy attendance by giving a false affirmation during the call out. But now both these concerns can be eliminated with Technology. We have a solution for you. Before looking at the solution, let’s see what are the difficulties with manual attendance system.

Problems Faced With Manual Attendance System

There are many problems and difficulties faced with manual attendance system. Some of them are:

Fake Attendance

For university officials, proxy attendance is a big issue. Unfortunately, manual systems fail to track this proxy attendance and students enjoy their full attendance without even attending a single class. 

Time Consuming

Manually tracking student attendance with registers is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Moreover, it is difficult to update the daily, period-by-period attendance from these Registers.

Chances of Mistakes

There are high chances of mistakes if the attendance is marked daily with pen on the registers. It is very difficult to main the manual attendance record.

Solution for Students’ Attendance Management

The State-of-the- Art solution for managing the attendance of students is here now. The Students’ Attendance Management Software regulates student, staff, and hired labor attendance in accordance with the Educational Institute’s regulations. Students’ attendance is tracked subject-by-subject and faculty-by-faculty.

How does it Work?

The technology is intended to provide auto-notifications and Low-Attendance warnings to Students and Parents, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding their attendance performance. Administrators may track absenteeism, late coming and so on-thereby offering real-time analysis and direct linkage with parents. Through this fast and efficient system, the Educational Institute can ensure that pupils remain focused on studies and maintain excellent marks without difficulty.

Features of RS Student Attendance Management System

There are amazing features of this managing software. The technology delivers precise and reliable contact-less attendance.

Automated Portable Attendance Machine

Our simple attendance management solution eliminates the need for registers and files in order to automate time and attendance in real time! Instead, students and lecturers can regulate class hours, subject wise and faculty wise, Furthermore, the Attendance Report is available to instructors, parents, and students, giving complete transparency. A Face Recognition based, Portable device is carried to the Class and attendance captured fast and easily.

Contactless Face Recognition Portable Attendance Device

Our simple attendance management solution eliminates the need for registers and files in order to automate time and attendance in real time! Instead, students and lecturers can regulate class hours, subject wise and faculty wise, Furthermore, the Attendance Report is available to instructors, parents, and students, giving complete transparency. A Face Recognition based, Portable device is carried to the Class and attendance captured fast and easily.

Smart Analytics


It handles the Course, Session, Semester, Classes, Sections, Faculty, and Students, estimating the percentage of Attendance for each Student in each Subject. Because attendance is accurately captured and no proxy is feasible, live updates of genuine attendance is provided at all times. Student reports are created automatically and are binding!

Student Reports

Dashboards provide unique insights from data by collecting campus-wide information into a single display. These reports create specifics to match your requirements and convey pertinent information to administration for additional processing, among other things! These contain reports for particular courses or programs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Benefits of RS Student Attendance Management Software

There are lots of benefits of RS Student Attendance Management Software. Let’s have a glance on them.

Time saving

This smart software detects the attendance of students automatically, hence, saving a lot of time. There is no need to take physical attendance of each student in every period.


HR-SAMS Attendance management software is 100% accurate and there is no need to cross check and waste your time. Teachers can utilize that precious time of the period teaching instead of doing administrative tasks.

Infection Free

This attendance is marked without contact with the device. It detects the face of the student without a single touch. It is thus suitable for the COVID times.


Due to demanding world of today, teachers need modern tools to manage their attendance and use the precious class time efficiently. With the introduction of the RS-SAMS System, the administration will be able to monitor student performance online and link with any current ERP. A smart generation is increasingly being monitored by college and school administration. As a result, the answer must likewise be intelligent! As a result, the Solution is tailored to the present Covid Pandemic and provides LIVE updates!