Efficiently Manage Field Force of Organization

Field Force Management Application is an important tool for all organizations. The workforce who do the ‘Out-of-Office Tasks’ on a regular basis. These can be Sales Staff, Delivery Boys, Service Engineers, Day Care Nursing Staff, Drivers, Runners picking or dropping documents and other items, Accounts Staff visiting Clients/ Govt. Offices, Security Guards, Supervisors, etc.. The list is unending. The common difficulty faced by the Team Leads and Management are:

  • Did the Employee actually visit the claimed Location?
  • Was he supposed to visit the site?
  • What time did he reach there and how much time was spent there?
  • Who did he meet and what tasks were completed during the visit?
  • Was a re-appointment taken?
  • Can he be re-routed?
  • Can the Supervisor/Team Lead Schedule the visits of his team?
  • Can the Employee’s Attendance be marked?

With today’s Mobile Technology all the above difficulties can be easily solved.

A Field Force Management Application (Mobile App) can be downloaded from the Play Store in the Field Staff’s Smart Mobile Phone. This Mobile App can be linked-to Cloud Software. On nominal monthly charges, both these can be activated. The Mobile App could perform the following tasks-

For detailed information, refer the following: Field Force Management Software Field Force Management

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.

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