Why is Field Force Management important for Delivery Services?

Why get Field Force Management for your Organization?

Service-based industries are hugely running on delivery feature. Want to eat something? let’s order in! Want some groceries? let’s order in!

Every small aspect of our day-to-life has become delivery dependent. Especially with pandemic hitting the world. Stepping out is a risk and therefore regular chores are handled via online delivery.

What has that done? A daily visit by delivery drivers on the door?

Yes, it has!

So, how is the delivery service industry going to handle the soaring demand for delivery? The answer is in Field Force Management Solution.

What is Field Force Management Solution?


Field Force Management Application is a cloud-based attendance solution that offers multiple features for efficient and timely delivery. It’s GPS enabled technology helps Managers remotely monitor the real-time location of their delivery staff. This application allows Managers to assign tasks for every employee. Managers can even schedule tasks a week in advance ensuring effective delivery execution. This brings clear specification of tasks ensuring timely delivery for your customers.
Centralized Attendance Management lets your field staff sign in and sign out of work from their phone.
Delivery staff can simply obtain their schedule for the day and start working through it. The feature to check off completed tasks in the application brings precise data for Analysis.
The data stored in the application is useful for monthly payroll calculation too. Over-times, leaves can all be calculated with a click of a button giving a smooth system to work on.

Why is Field Force Management important for Delivery Services?


Field Force Management Solution is a complete package for the delivery industry. Virtual sign-ins and sign-offs, in-app scheduling, leave management, real-time staff tracking makes Field Force Management a necessity for the industry today. Since it is completely an app-based service it reduces the risk of Delivery Drivers of any community transfer of the pandemic. They can simply pick up their assigned deliveries from the warehouse and start making deliveries for the day. Delivery data stored in the application erases any discrepancy in the service.
Benefits of Field Force Management Application (Mobile App)
It can be downloaded from the Play Store in the Field Staff’s Smart Mobile Phone. This Mobile App can be linked to Cloud Software. On nominal monthly charges, both these can be activated. The Mobile App could perform the following tasks-
-Mark Attendance: The Employee can mark his START day by pressing an icon in the Mobile app. Similarly, he can END day through this App. To ensure accuracy and genuineness of the IN and OUT time, the Location, Date and Time are captured and sent to the Cloud application.
-Client Visits: The User can select the Client he is to visit and enter the tasks performed. When he submits the records, the Location, Date, Time, next Scheduled visit and Tasks done are sent from his Mobile Phone to the Cloud Server. The Management can view these entries online. The genuineness of these records comes from the GPS location capturing.
– Prevent buddy punching: To ensure that the Mobile Phone is with the correct person you can have a mandatory requirement of clicking a self-image on the Mobile phone every time an entry is made.
– Secure data: To ensure that the data is not lost, provision can be there to store the data Offline in the phone itself till the time internet connectivity is available. Once the internet is available the data can be synchronized automatically.
– Low battery consumption: Mobile Apps are available wherein constant usage of the Mobile Phone’s battery is kept to the minimum.
– Other services provided to the user of the Mobile Application are:
· View own attendance
· File leave applications
· Get reminders of visits
· View details on visits made to a Client.
· View the scheduled visits for the day/week/etc.
· Track distances travelled
For detailed information, refer to the following:

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