How can schools bring students back to the ‘physical’ classrooms safely?

If you cannot travel without vaccination status in your passport, how can school re-open without noting the vaccination status of its staff members?

Indeed!!!! A valid question that remains to be answered.

Well! The Delhi government is taking drastic measures to make sure that students are safe during the school re-opening. One such measure is the vaccination of all staff members, which is mandatory for all staff members and members of school administration.

But how do schools manage such extensive vaccinated data? Manually? Well, not if the deadline in the school is next year.

The answer is Face Recognition Attendance Management System. This system collects data of all school teaching and non-teaching staff regarding their covid vaccination status. The school administration then takes note of these details and the health status of each and every individual is earmarked in the software.

This software not only tracks our staff, but also records the vaccination data of parents, guardians and anyone who is on the school campus. Staying up-to-date with vaccination data is such a necessity for a social health well-being that upgrading schools to a system that gives vaccination reminders is an absolute blessing.

What is Face Recognition Attendance System?


Face Recognition based attendance is a four-step process of capturing, extracting, comparing and matching of registered faces to mark contactless attendance.

Collecting and presenting school teachers’ and other staff vaccination details to the government and parents can be a tedious task.

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Why is Face Recognition Attendance System so important for schools?


The recent experince of pandemic has brought a lot of awareness to common people about how dangerous infectious diseases can be. And, to minimise the risk of infection circulating again in the community especially in schools one has to look over the entire system.

  • Contactless Attendance
  • 100% compliance of face mask
  • Body temperature check
  • Accessible attendance, vaccination and compliance data
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective

How the System actually works?


Face Recognition Attendance System uses advanced technology to benefit not just the attendance module but to provide multiple added features to schools.

Vaccination reminders, Live attendance update to teachers, attendance report to parents, bus attendance, registered school pick-ups are some key highlights of this technology.

But, how does system work? Have a read through here:

  • Students, Teachers, School Staff, all visitors will have to present their live face in front of the camera.
  • The machine will recognise the face and present with Name and Student No. along with registered photograph
  • Machine then checks for a face mask, if yes, machine will show recognition with a green light
  • If no face mask, then machine will alert the system with an alarm
  • Machine has the capability of monitoring the body temperature at 50 cm distance. If the temperature is normal, a green signal is shown and the flap barriers will open to allow entry into the school premises.

What are the benefits of using student attendance software?


There are multiple benefits of student attendance software. We have listed out them all here for you:

Online Capture of Attendance: The machine will verify your face and record any event. It will then send the data to a server, where the software will process the data and generate a report. The online report can be used for a number of things, such as class attendance reports, teacher presence reports, and absence reports.

Visitor Management: Welcome to the future, where visiting a location will require nothing more than your mobile device. On arrival, your photo will be captured and uploaded into the visitor registry. Your body temperature and presence of a face mask will be checked, as well as how long you are staying for. If you overstay the present time, the system will automatically report you to the concerned person.

Occupancy Status: •A large LED numeric display can be placed at strategic locations to show the running up-dates on the Total Number of people inside the premises. This display would be updated online.

  • Categorization would be available into Students, Teachers, Visitors, Contractual/etc.

Child Pick- Up: When a guardian, who has been registered on the school’s Flap barrier, wishes to take a student home, they will show their face to the camera. The child’s photograph will then be shown on the screen for verification. If approved, an automatic message will go to the parent about their child’s departure from school.

Children IN and OUT SMS to parents: As soon as the children enter the school, an SMS can go to the parents about the event automatically. This can be made optional, depending upon the parents’ choice.

IN/OUT Monitoring: Parents can log into the Attendance Portal and access a report on their child’s attendance at the school. The school authorities will get an automatic message if a student is late or absent from class.

Bus departure from school: The bus system has each child accounted for. As soon as all the children board the bus in school, the system can send a message to the bus teacher that all the children of that bus are out. That way, she can count kids in the bus and make the bus start.

Black list unwanted people: School administration can block unwanted people. When someone, who is black listed by the school authorities, tries to enter the educational institution they can be stopped right at the gate only.

Assuring government and parents of a high-quality attendance and security compliance is tough. Though, with a smooth system like RSHRIS Online Attendance Management System you can tick mark all the concern with a smile and welcome back student to a safe and secure school campus.

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.