What is the future of the Face Recognition Attendance System for a school?

The newest in security technology, Face Recognition, relies on an individual’s facial geometry for identifying a person. The version of Face Recognition Attendance System has taken a big leap in the post-covid era. Even, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced the feature of Face Recognition alongside fingerprint and iris, reports The Times of India.

Aadhaar card: Face recognition feature set to ensure stronger Aadhaar security; here’s more detail – Times of India

The statistical measurement technology of Face Recognition provides an upper hand for security purposes but what is its role in a school?

The latest loosening of lockdown restrictions has asked schools to open its gates for in-person educational activities, but only on strict terms of following coronavirus restrictions all through. Face Mask detection, normal body temperature check has therefore now become a health priority for schools.

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And to adhere to these mandates without any hassles, Face Recognition Attendance System is coming handy. With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to maintain a more secure and efficient school environment. There are many ways that this technology can be used to improve security and create a more enjoyable experience for students. One way that has seen a lot of success is using face recognition software.

This software allows school employees and students to enter their classrooms without having to deal with the hassle of key cards and ID cards. It also helps teachers keep track of attendance and monitor who is in the classroom at any time without needing to stand at the door all day. With this modern technology, what does the future hold?

Educational Monitoring through Face Recognition Attendance System


The deployment of this machine in school campus is quickly gaining popularity not just for health and safety reasons but also for educational monitoring purposes. Teachers can utilize this technology to analyze the academic behavior of each student and their teaching techniques depending on its style, topic, or format.

This micro-level of academic analysis can help educators plan a better structure for students, categorizing them according to their interest and response. Facial recognition technology with its advanced features in coming years will provide complete review of student performance within the school campus. What are the good, bad, and needs improvement areas of student performance can all be micro-analyzed giving a better idea to educators and parents to make much more informed decisions for their children.

Teenagers are at a critical age, as they can make or break their future. This is an influencing age where teenagers often step into illegitimate activities with the freedom they get as they grow older. High-School is a breeding ground for these behaviors and movements, and remote analysis with the help of Face Recognition can help identify and stop them before they become a problem. Schools often become a common place to breed such behaviors.

Image recognition technology, a wider spectrum of Face Recognition has become a major part of sports in recent years. By combining the research status of image recognition with the current common motion skills of athletes, researchers have found that they are able to improve the motion recognition effect in sports athletes. You can read about this technology in more detail here (PDF) Automatic detection technology of sports athletes based on image recognition technology

It is a no-brainer the usage of this technology in recent years is only going to escalate. The technology has been widely implemented in various organizations and institutions for security purposes, personal identification, and other applications. But it’s full potential is yet to be used.

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Sanjive Mehta

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